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Bistro menu

From 18th February to 22th February 11.30 – 15.00



Goose soup with matzo balls

  Cauliflower cream soup with blue cheese


  Main courses:

Grilled sausage with onion mash potatoes and homemade mustard

Spaghetti Carbonara with mini salad

Breaded chicken legs with rice and peas


Stuffed eggplant with basil and tomato salsa


Cottage cheese cake

Vanilla profiterol with chocolate sauce




  Soup or dessert : 550.- HUF

Main course: 1.650.- HUF

2 course menu: 2.000.- HUF

  3 course menu: 2.400.- HUF                                                                                                        Open:

                                                                                                                     Mon-Sun 700-1000 and 1130-2200

                                                                                                                       Table reservation: + 62 592 880